When returning home is impossible. When old friends have been left behind. When a new language sounds like popcorn popping.

This is the story of 13-year-old Yara Garcia and her struggles to adapt to a strange land when her family flees Cuba. Set in Miami during the tumultuous 1960s, this is also the story of immigrants everywhere, the story of anyone who's ever been the new kid on the block.


Flight to Freedom

Birthday Parties in Heaven

The Chin Kiss King






"Veciana-Suarez is a sensitive writer with an ear for the intonations of bilingual speech and an eye for bicultural nuance."

 Chin Kiss King - "Beautiful beautiful beautiful. I read this nearly 20 years ago and still remember it. A book about life, love, pain, mothers, women and letting go. Tissues necessary. And a highlighter for the chapter on Cuca’s 8 life lessons. I loved her scenes the most..."

Flight to Freedom - "Yara’s depiction of her and her family’s plight in Cuba and their gradual coming to terms with and adjustment to a very different language and lifestyle in America is credible, absorbing, and uplifting."



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